Life is a gift

Stop wasting it

You are here because you were meant to be here. You came into this world by choice not by accident, no matter what you believe or were told.

You came into this world for a reason. Stop wasting it. You were given gifts and talents. Love and abundance. Peace, love, and joy.

But for some reason you can't see that yet.

We aren't given life to be punished. We are given life to enjoy it, to embrace it, to share it. We have the gift of life. Some have returned that gift because they didn't want it. Some gifts were taken from us too soon. Every day is a gift.

What ruins most people's gift is:

The media

Hurtful people

Angry people





You must distance yourself from those people or things.

Nature is your best friend. Life, air, beauty, love, water, forests, moving, peace, and clean organic food.

Go within yourself and see the reason you chose to be born. Find it. Bring it to life. Your passion, your will, your dream, it's in there.

It's your time to be happy and enjoy life before it's time to give the gift back.

Live life as it's your last day on earth 🌍

What is that burning passion inside you?

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