• Jenny Grass D'Agostino

It's ok to grow

I am not the same Jenny

Just because you "knew" me then

Doesn't mean you "know" me now

If you liked me then

You may not like me now

About 7 years ago I started investing in myself and not material things.

What does that mean?

Reading personal growth books

Attending seminars

Letting go of my past

Forgiving people that hurt me

Loving people instead of hating them

Focusing on the positive

Finding Joy

Waking up happy

Going to bed grateful

Helping others

Saying no sometimes


Self love

Self care

Putting me first

See, I used to be a follower, someone who loved to please others.

Now I lead. I do as I please. I follow my rules. I am living my life not someone else's and I'm not worried if you like me, because I LOVE ME.

I look in the mirror and I am so proud of who I have become.

I don't need approval from anyone but myself.

I just hope you are better than you were yesterday ❤

There is a better life out there. You don't have to be rich to be happy. You just have to appreciate what you have and realize life is a gift and you need to stop wasting it.

I truly appreciate everyone that is in my life now, was in my life, and those who have passed on. You will live in my heart always.

Never give up working on YOU and falling in love with life 💜

(If you are struggling and need some guidance send me a pm and let's set up a call. I'd love to help you.)

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