Hey, I'm Jenny!

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The day I woke up was the same day I brought my twins into this world.

In the days, months and years leading up to the birth of my twins, life kept saving me and giving me chances to wake up.

I was existing, but I was far from living up to my potential.

When I was 3 years old, I almost drown, but someone saved me.

When I was in my 30's, I tried ending my life, but it wasn't my time yet.

February 1, 2006 my life almost ended, again. It was my turning point. It was the day I woke up.

When I went to the hospital to deliver my twins, it was a normal day, everything was going as planned. Right before my doctor was going to break my water he did an ultrasound. Thank goodness he did because there was a mass that was blocking my birth canal.

What were my options?

Go home and wait or have a C-section.


My first two kids, Taylor and Tyler, were born via a natural childbirth. I didn't want to be cut open, but for the safety of my babies that was the decision I made. I couldn't imagine going home.

I remember being in massive pain after they took the boys out of my tummy. Every 5 minutes massive pain. 


What was going on? Did they forget another baby?


I was hemorrhaging in the hall way. Blood clot after blood clot.

They rushed me in a room to try and figure out where the blood was coming from. One thing I do remember is while the doctor had my tummy open, we were joking and I remember him talking about a hematoma that he didn't want to touch. He said he didn't want to open a can of worms.

My body was shutting down fast; my lips turning blue. I remember my brother calling to talk to me and they said she can't talk right now. I remember people coming in kissing my forehead telling me to fight for my children. I couldn't speak. Tears just ran down my face.

I remember thinking, "if I wake up, if I pull out of this, my life has to change. A whole new beginning. Enough is enough." 


I couldn't keep existing. There had to have been a different way to life besides being sad and angry all the time.


3 strikes and you're out?


That was my 3rd - February 1, 2006.


Baby A and Baby B were their names for a few days.

My doctor didn't go home that night. He wanted to monitor me.


At 3:30am, Dr. Dan came in my room, flipped on the light and yelled," Oh my God, oh my God! She is coming back! There is urine in the bag! She is coming back!"

I woke up and had to make some really hard and scary decisions, but I made them. It really sucked for a while, but everything worked out.

Now, I'm helping and advocating for my daughter, Taylor, on her journey to walk again, as a spinal cord injury left her paralyzed just a few short years ago.