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Your Soul Mom


Helping You Become Unstoppable in Your Own Life

From wanting to end my own life to almost losing my life when I brought my twins into the world, I was merely existing.

Now, I'm helping my daughter, Taylor, to walk again and I'm thriving and I'm living up to my potential.

Through all the trials, I've learned countless lessons and I've become unstoppable in my own life and am helping others do the same.


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Work With Me

Are you ready to take control and be unstoppable in your own life, but need some guidance and want to work with me?


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Are you a busy mom?

Always on the go?

But, you want your health to be a priority?

You have to check this out.

It changed my life.

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The Soul Mom Mission

It is my mission to help you heal from past traumas and experiences, so you can have a beautiful future and become unstoppable in your own life.

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I'm Writing a Book!

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Vicki G.

If you want a deeply gifted, badass spiritual coach, Jenny is the absolute best. She has helped me heal trauma that I buried since childhood and as well has given me tools that have truly empowered me to live a life of self love, self worth and self respect

Chelsea M.

I had the most AMAZING experience on my one-on-one call with Jenny today. I had some major break throughs and was able to get to the root cause of some serious childhood wounds that have been really affecting my everyday life more than I even realized...I HIGHLY recommend Jenny to anyone needing a break through!

Margaret K.

Jenny has the amazing ability to cut through the BS in the kindest of ways. You won't even know what hit you. One moment you'll be sharing your story and the next moment you'll be stopped dead in your tracks going "DAMN, how did she do that? She truly has an amazing ability to see into your soul and has helped me to work on healing my relationships...

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